Security Bag Feature And Function

- Nov 30, 2015 -


    Important and confidential documents such as government, banks, finance companies, credit card companies, accountancy and legal firms.
    Valuable goods especially jewelry, cash…etc.
    Medical firms such as hospital, clinic, and pharmaceutical industry
    Military affairs
    Discipline force such as Police, Customs and Prison…etc




Extremely durable clear or opaque co-extruded multi-layers polyethylene film.

Permanent, virtually tamper-proof, void adhesive closure system.

High strength, tamper-evident side seals.

Special double welding with micro-print along the both sides of the edge to prevents spurious opening and resealing.

Running/Sequential numbers, dual unique alphanumeric or numeric bar codes with corresponding perforated receipt on the bag.

Single or dual compartment bag construction styles.

Write-on, Ink, stamps and labels adhere easily.

100% new plastic and recyclable.

Clean and high slip film allows faster, easier product insertion.

Ideal for Cash, cheque, Receipts, Checks, Coins and Documents, share or bond certificates, forensic 

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