About Us

With Over 30 Years of Continuous Improvements, ADSURE are specialized in producing Perforated Pre-Opened Bags on Rolls, Custom Tamper-Evident Security Bags, Airport ICAO Duty Free Security Bags (STEBs), Courier Mailing Bags and Medical Biohazard Specimen Bags.

With Over 25 Years Of Continuous Improvement, We Obtain An Outstanding Reputation Due To Our Products, Services And Quality; We Have Become One Of The Major Plastic Security Packaging Bags Manufacturers In Hong Kong And Mainland China.  

With ISO9001 Certification, We Promise To Deliver Our Products And Services With Our Highest Quality Standard. 

With Advanced Technologies And Facilities, Strict Quality Control, Reasonable Price, Superior Service And Close Co-Operation, With Customers, We Are Devoted To Providing The Best Value For Our Customers.

We Offer A Wide Range Of Plastic Film And Bags For Various Applications, Including Courier Mailing Bags, Dispatch Sacks, Security Bags, and Bio Hazard &Medical Specimen Bags, Airport Duty Free STEBs Bags, Zip-Lock (Mini-Grip) Bags, and Food Packaging Bags.